Ana Luísa Amaral

Teacher and researcher at the University of Porto. She holds a Ph.D. on Emily Dickinson and has developed her academic research around Comparative Poetics, Feminist and Queer Studies. She has coordinated international projects. She belongs to the Board of Directors of the Institute for Comparative Literature Margarida Losa, where she coordinates the research line “Intersexualities”. She edited several academic books, such as Dicionário da Crítica Feminista (with Ana Gabriela Macedo, Afrontamento, 2005), Novas Cartas Portuguesas entre Portugal e o Mundo(with Marinela Freitas, Dom Quixote, 2014), or New Portuguese Letters to the World, with Marinela Freitas, Peter Lang, 2015). She has written over thirty books, of poetry, theatre, children’s literature, a novel and essays. She has translated poets like Emily Dickinson or William Shakespeare. Her books are published in several countries. She was awarded several distinctions and prizes, among which the Medal of the City of Paris, the Gold Medal of the Porto City Hall, the  Correntes d’Escritas Prize, thePrize of Associação Portuguesa de Escritores, the Prize PEN for Fiction, the Giuseppe Acerbi Prize, the Premio Internazionale Fondazione Roma, or the Prize of the Portuguese Association of Literary Critics.Her most recent books are Arder a Palavra e Outros Incêndios(essays, Relógio D’Água, 2018), What’s in a Name(poetry, Assírio & Alvim, 2017, The Art of Being a Tiger(poetry, transl. Margaret Jull Costa / ed. and intr. Paulo de Medeiros), Inglaterra, Oxbow Press, 2016) or What’s in a Name(poetry, transl. Margaret Jull Costa), New York, New Directions, 2019 and Milano, Crocetti, 2019). A collection of essays on her poetry is about to come out also in the UK (Peter Lang, org. Claire Williams).