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Alex Devetak

Alex Devetak was an intern at the Margarida Losa Institute for Comparative Literature research unit at the University of Porto. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and Slovenian Studies at the University of Ljubljana, where he completed his BA in 2015 with a bachelor thesis about documentary and mockumentary drama in Slovenia. In 2014 he participated in the SMILE (Strengthening Minority Identity and Language Education) project in Denmark. He is currently the public relations representative of the Student Organization of his faculty and the organizer of the Slovenian student literary competition Rdeča nit. He is a collaborator of the Association of Students of Comparative Literature in Ljubljana, where he organizes events and round tables. He is also a correspondent for Koridor, a Slovenian online platform for culture and arts. His main areas of interest and research are Film Studies, Contemporary Theatre Studies, Linguistic Rights, Queer Studies, Minority literature and rights, Comparative Literature and Slovenian Contemporary Literature.